Sunday, February 11, 2007

A few random things

It's been an ordinary kind of week, one of those bits and pieces kind of weeks, where nothing remarkable happens but it seems crazy just the same - you know what I mean? Anyway, some things from our week.

  1. Ruby thinks heaven is a holiday destination. *sigh* She took some Little People on a bus trip there this week.
  2. Kath's been in Canberra and Melbourne. Canberra again this week and the week after and the week after and the week after and....... :(
  3. Max has 'discovered' Wiggles band aids. They're our new reward. Better than fruit icy pole bribes.
  4. We had a water tank installed. Of course it hasn't rained enough since Tuesday to put any water in the tank. But it will. We have great hopes for a green garden now.
  5. Ruby has chosen to have a My Little Pony party instead of a Barbie party. While we're glad we're not doing the Barbie thing, we're beginning to realise My Little Pony might be a bit trickier, especially as Ruby is insisting she needs to dress as a pink horse. Maybe, m-a-y-b-e, we'll hire a pony for the party. Depends on $$.
  6. Right now: this is the cake Ruby likes best. I've got a few weeks to convince her that a simple number '4' with a few ponies stuck on top is a better option. Do you think I can do it?

  7. It was our godson's birthday yesterday. Dominic turned 7. There was lots of swimming, lots of cricket, lots of shouting and lots of cake. Perfect.

  8. We're overwhelmed by the number of people we know right now who have cancer. Dominic's dad has cancer. He's doing OK, but it's very sad.

  9. A lovely friend had a baby girl (Elizabeth Katherine) yesterday afternoon. I wish I could see them - but they live in Sydney, so Elizabeth (Lizzie? Libby? Lillibet?), will be a few months old before I meet her I guess. I love how I don't feel clucky anymore when people I know have a new baby. Phew.

  10. I've been doing a little bit of scrapbooking lately. Not much, but enough to get me excited about it again. I'm amazed by the work Briohny is doing lately. Good job B. These layouts are amazing.

  11. We're on a car lease thing through work which means we must do 25,000 kms per year (or it will cost us a bomb). The FBT year ends on 31 March and we've still got 5,000kms to do. Holey moley. So we'll do another trip to Mum's - that's 1,000 kms. And then? We haven't really got a plan yet. But we've got to do it. Maybe a trip to Sydney, via Melbourne, for our 10th wedding anniversary in March.

This is a pic of some nanna and poppy lovin' from when we were at mum's a couple of weeks ago. If I was clever, I'd have it all photoshopped and shiny and colourful - oh well.

Happy Sunday.

peace and love



emmjay said...

love Rube's choice of cake, a girl with pink in her veins :) Come visit us every Sat arvo for cake and tea and you'll get some k's up. Hope your week is calm, lots of love, Em xxx

random thoughts said...

Nice choice in birthday cake. I think the my little pony theme is much less confronting than a Barbie party. I hear animal farms aren't too much to hire. Oh, we went to a birthday party where they had hired a princess jumping castle. Man the kids just bounced and bounced all afternoon!

It is amazing how bits and pieces can truly add up to a busy week.

By the way, I love Miss Ruby's imagination and her whale picture. Daddy is good being a whale isn't he (*giggle*).

Thanks for the compliment on my LO's. Are we going to see some of yours up here soon? Hmmmm???? Perhaps from Friday night?

Penni said...

I'm a bit scared of My Little Pony - it's the plush 'baby' ones in walkers. They freak me out. At Mieke's birthday on Saturday Fred and Mieke snuck up to M's bedroom to play with Mieke's MLPs (she seems to have several, poor deprived Fred has one cheap knock off purchased at a garage sale but she loves it). All the ponies were lying down when Martin went in and he was informed that they'd all died. Fred flipped open the play mobile phone and said, 'So I'm calling the doctor.'

I can't believe that they're all turning four. It seems like yesterday...I love Ruby's whale picture.

Yes drive to Melbourne and visit!!

Jo said...

Penni, I'm with you. Those ones in the walkers are ridiculous. I've held out on them - but like most mums, I've held out on some commercial stuff (MLP, cabbage patch kids, Bratz) and heartily embraced others (Barbie).
Wishing my fellow Piscean a wonderous party and birthday experience, and a lovely relaxed party preparation to her fabulous mother!XX

Maria (Pengu) said...

Well hello there Kath! Wow, you've added a lot to your blog since I last peeked (before Christmas).

Gorgeous pics and lots of fun in your family as always. Good luck with this birthday business. We also had the nightly peruse through the AWW cookbook about cakes last September. There was definitely going to be a train cake and it *had* to be red. Daddy made it. He stayed up until 3am making it. Never again!

Hope you are all well. I'm looking forward to catching up properly again soon.