Saturday, February 24, 2007

and finally some scrapbooking!

I'm in the middle of doing a circle journal with a wonderful group of women. A circle journal is basically a small scrapbooking album which you give a theme to and then circulate amongst a group so everyone adds a page to it.

There are only 9 of us involved in this circle journal group , but the journal has already taken us more than a year! And we're probably only half way through. I don't think any of us are in a rush.

My journal's theme is "A Mother's Wisdom" - stuff you want your kids to know.

The journal I did a page for last weekend was for Penni - her theme is Girl. I loved creating a page for it (above). Ruby helped me out, telling me all the things she loves most about being a girl. :)

Not a great photo, I needed to use the flash.....



Anonymous said...

such a gorgeous page. It looks great with the full photo and the text. Circle journals certainly are hard work, but well worth it. Hope you all stick with it.
love briohny xxx

Jan, Col, Ella & Hudson said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous layout Kath, love it!! I lovew the full page photo and the hair embellishments, so cute, you clever thing. The journals will definitely worth it when they are finally finished.

Jo said...

i just love it kath, it's the most beautiful photo of ruby, and the simple yet sparkley embellishment is perfect, love the writing, everything, that's one of the nicest scrap pages I've ever seen.

Penni said...

Oh I love it! Hooray - it's MINE MINE MINE!!! I can't wait to see my journal.