Saturday, February 24, 2007

Happy little lives

Kids are amazing really. Simple things can bring great joy.

I asked Ruby if she liked the party invitations we'd made. She paused for a second, looked at me very intensely and said "mummy, I LOVE them." What a kind little heart she has. Lots of gorgeous pink and glittery goodness.

We've been hosting a few parties in preparation for Ruby's party. There were 2 parties at our house today: a Strawberry Party and a Camping Party. Both went well. The Strawberry Party was for Barbie who was - coincidentally - turning 4 years old. We ate strawberries and were required to wear our cossies. Elina (yes, Fairy to Mermaid Elina) was the special guest for the Camping party. She asked us to wear camping shoes and a hat (tiaras were acceptable). With all this practice we'll be seasoned party hosts by the time it is actually Ruby's birthday.

I cannot believe we're spending so much time preparing for this gig! Even though mostly we just talk about it, we're not doing a whole lot just yet.

In other news:

* work is exhausting. Sooo much travel. Too much really. It's getting to the stage that Ruby and Max (especially Max) freak out when I drop them off at kindy for fear I won't be home that night. It's not what I want for my family, things need to change. Nuff said.

* I had a haircut this afternoon. Hooray. Much needed. I came home and asked Ruby and Max if they would like a haircut next weekend. Both are keen. Both want hair *exactly* like mine. mmmm, might be tricky.

* Max is finally starting to play on his own, rather than just trailing around behind Ruby. He played with some little cars today. He's a sweet little kid. Crazy and jealous and rampaging, but sweet. Just to balance up the photo stats, here's a pic (well at the top of the post anyway, cause I can't move it).

Hope you're having a happy weekend.

peace and love


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Anonymous said...

Oh my lovely, just reading what you do makes me tired. I don't know how you do it. Please remember to take a brain break every now and then. And all that preparation for the party... Lordy, what's the sweet sixteenth going to be like???? *giggle*
Missed your company on Friday, but you were there in thought.