Saturday, December 08, 2007

End of year ballet finale

Wowsers, what a production. Ruby's end of year ballet concert was spectacular and she loved every single minute of it.

Mark, Max and I went to both concerts and our friends Jan and Ella came along to watch as well. During the first concert we sat in the front row which was great cause Ruby could see us and squeal and wave. During the second concert we were in the middle of the audience. This wasn't so great. Ruby was distracted because she kept looking for us in the crowd. Towards the end of their dance Ruby stopped dancing and just stood looking out into the crowd. The other koalas kept dancing. The other koalas exited stage left. After what felt like a very long time watching her stand out on the stage on her own, Ruby realised she should have left the stage. She tippie toe ran to the exit stage right. Oh dear. She realised she'd gone off the wrong side and then tippie toe ran back across the stage to exit on the other side. Everyone thought it was choreographed. Phew.

We've had a fun year of ballet.

peace and love


Jo said...

what an amazing photo (the leap) ruby couldn't possibly look cuter, and I can see why so much work went into the production- it looks amazing.
ruby is using her skills to add humour and life to the production, i love it, spontaneous and creative! little darlin'.
I loved seeing these pics of her. XX

dani_luigi said...

OMG look at the little darling. She looks gorgeous and WOW what a set.

It was so great to see you yesterday, Ruby & Max have grown up so much.