Friday, December 28, 2007


is not as much fun when it's raining non stop. The really sad thing is I'm probably the only one going stir crazy. Mark, Ruby and Max are relaxed and chilled and still swimming every day.

We've had Christmas at Noosa - a rare Christmas adventure on our own. It's been peaceful and quiet, just what we wanted.

On Christmas Day we had long and leisurely lunch at the Boathouse Restaurant - it was perfect. The food was delish and the views up and down the river were beautiful. We all had a really lovely time and Ruby and Max were pleased to be able to take a few special toys from Santa with them so they could play between courses.

Even though it's been raining every day, and is progressively getting more and more set in as the cyclone is building up off the coast :O, we've been out and about quite a bit this week - to the movies (we loved the Bee Movie), to the river, to UnderwaterWorld......specifically to see the Crawly Creatures exhibit. There's a lot of hype about this exhibit but there's really very little to it. The most impressive of the crawly creatures were the BIG spider crabs. They were incredible. Ruby's favourite animals at Underwater World was the seals and the hermit crabs and Max's faves were the clownfish and the spiders (even though we didn't actually see spiders). My faves were the spider crabs and Mark's were the otters. I don't think the otters looked very happy though. Their enclosure was small and grubby.

We braved the shops today. Mad but true. I really wanted to buy some new runners so we all tripped down to Sportsco and I happily bought the most expensive shoes on the 40% off table. They were a good buy and are unbelievably comfortable. If they weren't so ugly, like all runners are, I'd wear them all the time.

I've taken a *lot* of pics but can't download them to the laptop, but will definitely post some when we're home in a day or two.

Hope your Christmas was happy and sane.


Em said...

Merry Christmas dear kath! I was wondering where you'd be this year, and Noosa sounds just right... relaxing and yummy. Hope the cyclone stays away, hope you get lots more relaxing. Talk soon, Em xxx

random thoughts said...

Oh Kath I feel your pain!!! I love the rain but hate the wind. Great when we have a cyclone heading to the coast. Makes me crabby. Maybe some christmas/new year/pick-me-up wine might help :)