Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A list for today

  1. I like the name "Sunday Rose". Even though she may be called "Sunday roast". Poor wee poppet.
  2. I'd like some sunny days now for the rest of the school holidays. Rainy days are tedious.
  3. Today we went to Spotlight. I think they purposefully recruit the most gnarly, growly, child hating, unemployable people ever. It certainly seemed like that today.
  4. We bought rugs and fabric for curtains today. Hooray.
  5. We had an afternoon tea picnic with day old cupcakes - it was fabulous.
  6. Ruby is insisting I call her "Elizabeth" and Max wants to be "Mary".
  7. Ruby has been on the phone calling all her friends to a party she's hosting for herself (Elizabeth) and her brother (Mary).
  8. Elizabeth and Mary are having a birthday party today. We've just sang happy birthday for both of them.
  9. Elizabeth is Mary's mother. I'm Elizabeth's mother. We live in Japan. Elizabeth has another mummy who lives in England. She likes to call her "mother". Elizabeth's husband is dead. He was eaten by a monster, a sad way to go.
  10. The jonquils I bought last Friday are still deliciously fragrant and divine. I miss buying flowers every week. It was a "pre kids" weekly treat that I greatly enjoyed.
  11. We've danced to the ABBA DVD again today - good fun. Ruby thinks ABBA may possibly be better than the Bee Gees, although she's still deciding.
  12. Oven baked pumpkin risotto tastes so much better when you load it up with fetta. Elizabeth says it's "famous".
  13. Max has not yet overcome his fear of hairdressers. Both had haircuts (well trims really) today. It was dramatic. *sigh*
  14. Ruby has reluctantly conceded to having some purple in her room to save us from pink pandemonium. Thankfully. Because there wasn't enough pink twill curtain fabric at Spotlight today. The lilac twill is beautiful.
  15. Today was the first day of my serious diet. I refuse to cut out my daily coffee though. And my glass of wine. And and and. Perhaps it's not a "serious" diet afterall.
  16. I'm angry about what's happening with Dennis Ferguson. I wish the judge had tried him. It's going to cost a lot more to supervise him in the community than it would have in gaol.
  17. Tomorrow we're going "to Italy for a day to eat canoli". I think Italy is in New Farm. I expect that New Farm Park is probably part of Italy too.
  18. I'm loving time off work. I'm especially loving sleeping in till 7.00am and sitting around in my jarmies in the morning drinking cups of tea. Heaven.
  19. In the last couple of weeks I've read Geraldine Brooks 2 most recent books: "March" and "People of the Book" - both magnificent. I was anxious about reading them because I loved "Year of Wonders" so very much and thought I'd be disappointed with her subsequent books. But I think her writing is getting even better. If that's possible.
  20. There was an intensely beautiful sunset tonight. Magical even.

And some pics from our day:

Blogger is being dysfunctional today and I cannot move the sunset from the top to the bottom. I'm OK (well OK'ish) with the day not being perfectly chronological. Hope you are too.
peace and love, xxxx


Ailsa said...

Hi Kath
Lovely to catch up with what you & your dear family have been upto. Funny that Max wanted to be Mary, what a cutie. They are both looking very grown up. Hope you are well xx

Georgia said...

I like the name Sunday Rose too. I wouldn't have thought of 'Sunday Roast'.
I love the lamp in Elizabeth's room. Very pretty. :-)