Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Love is a tune you hum-de-hum-hum

Oh Bang! A boom-a-boomerang is love.

We're having a BIG ABBA festival around here lately. The DVD is playing endlessly :)

Ruby is love obsessed so of course her fave ABBA song is Bang-a-boomerang. Her fave ABBA chick is Agnetha - of course, because she looks like a princess. Max (who can never decide) loves all the songs and all of the "ABBA people".

I wish I could remember all the ABBA dance moves - *sigh*.

In other - non ABBA news - Max believes he "will be a man when he's 5" and that he accidentally ate a monster while he was asleep last night. Scary stuff. Ruby believes that daddy gives the "best hugs ever" and that she knows all there is possibly to know about money. She's pleased to have "5 pieces of money". She might have a bit more to learn yet. ;)

We've also bought a new car which we'll pick up in early August.

I'm back at work now after a short but super fabulous break for school holidays.

Be happy and well.

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Rachel said...

Lovely to catch up on your news : )
I suggested to Catherine and Ruq (my young sils) we go and see Mumma Mia and I couldn't stop the laughter! What is wrong with a bit of ABBA I ask : )
Great pics of the Kidlets Kath, keep well, Lv Rach xxx (Sam & Will's mum)