Friday, July 11, 2008

Thursday, Thursday

I knew I couldn't keep with a post a day every day for a week. But I have taken a few photos every day :)


We went to New Farm Park. Hooray! It was on the holiday list so it was a must do. Both declared it is probably the "favourite park" now. It is rather fabulous. And on the river, so glorious. And with a most magnificent rose garden. And when we visited, there was an orchestra playing (so Ruby said), but it was really just a handful of people with instruments, including wild drums, who sounded amazing.

We ate canoli in Italy. Well at Cibo anyway -which is an Italian cafe, so it's almost the same.

We went to a gorgeous bookshop and looked and looked and looked. When R+M realised it was not a library, they became a lot more focused on the task of choosing. Lying on your tummy reading books in the middle of a bookshop is probably not bookshop etiquette but that was before the discovery that Mary Ryan's is not actually a library. We came home with a very small but greatly treasured box of Kung Fu Panda books and a glittery, sparkly book about a rabbit who becomes a fairy. Of course.

The only high drama in our fabulous day was Max showing off at the playground. Seeing me coming towards him he started going crazy on the fort, then threw himself at a "sliding down pole" only to cop a whack to the head and land on his stomach, because he forgot to hold on and slide.

I'm loving school holidays. I wish I could have 13 weeks off every year........*sigh*

peace and love xxxx
p.s. I need to add - Ruby has started styling her own hair. Her favoured look is one low pony. It takes her about 15 - 20 minutes to get it looking exactly how she wants it - as shown above. :) Not my style of choice, but so be it, she's her own girl.

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