Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Wynnum Plaza - we love you

It's a cold and windy wintry day in Wynnum. Too cold to go to Italy. Or even to go to New Farm Park. Our plans of catching the Citycat across to the park were quickly discarded when we realised how freakin' cold it is today. So we went to the place we love to go for treats - Wynnum Plaza.

We came home with donuts (!), a fire engine, a teensie eensie Lightning Macqueen and some new Barbie clothes, including a wedding dress (complete with veil, shoes and a bouquet). Since we've been home Barbie has married Chelsea and had a post wedding ride in the fire truck. Happy days. All the wedding guests dressed up for the occasion, including the cars. Sadly, the wedding photographer missed the action because she was having a hot cup of tea.

And for something else. It's 14 years today since Mark and I met. 9 July 1994 was a special day. This photo isn't from then, but it wasn't long after. 14 happy years. We're hoping for many more. :)

peace and love

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Maria said...

Sounds like you are having a lovely school holidays with Elizabeth and Mary. I hope no-one gets imprisoned in a tower, or beheaded, for that matter. Wonderful that you're having some time off work, hooray for that!