Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fairy Funday Sunday

Guess what we did this morning?

We had a glorious start to our Sunday.

This morning we went to "Fairy Funday Sunday" at our favourite local bookshop for their launch of the Music Fairies series of Rainbow Magic Fairies. Of course, Ruby dressed as Ruby the Red Fairy - for the second time this week! Max was Heather the Violet Fairy (his wings were violet coloured).
Three beautiful musical fairies played flutes and clarinets for the little fairies as they played musical statues, swirled to classical music, listened to a fairy story and did a Fairy fashion parade. It was a very special morning. Max fell in love with one of the "big girl fairies", thanking her at the end of the music and telling her "you are a very beautiful blue fairy and I love your music". The beautiful blue fairy (a 14yo girl from Cannon Hill Anglican College) blushed, swooned and gave Max a little hug. He was very pleased. Meanwhile I was swooning a wee bit for the Music Fairy Director, Mr Christensen. Gorgeous.
We bought books and coffee and love heart shaped cookies. A good morning.
Happy Sunday to you.


Em said...

Hello Kath! What a beautiful Sunday, lots of hugs to you all xxx

Rachel said...

We should get Max and Kaden together - I think they'd get on like a house on fire! Kaden is quite taken with Aria's wings and wand (violet coloured)
Now that he's in Prep, he's starting to move away from anything that is not BOY related. But I can tell where his heart is ::sad::