Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Questions that I can't answer

Question One: Today, Max and I went along to a "Celebration of Learning" in Ruby's class. The very beautiful and very smart teacher, Mrs McConnon, gushed enthusiastically about Ruby's talents - her reading, writing, drawing and work with numbers - and then asked: "Is Max as bright as Ruby?"

Good grief. That wasn't a question I was prepared for. He's a good boy. He's good with numbers, he's legendary for his table setting skills, he loves reading, he's a patient drawer, he can unpack the dishwasher without breaking stuff and his colouring in talents are second to none. So, of course I said "yes, I think he is" and listed his many talents. But I'm not sure. Although I think he probably is. Do I have to know the answer to this tricky question? Does it mean that Mrs McConnon (who is a fabulous teacher) would want him in her class if he's as good a student as Ruby? Or not? Personally, I have doubts over Max's ability to sit straight on the carpet, to be serious and respectful when they're saying prayers, to concentrate and just generally do what he's asked to do for 6 hours each day. I didn't say that. Thank heavens she didn't ask me about that.

Question Two: I was reading a magazine -so I really should know better than seriously contemplating this - and the question was asked: "if you were in a life threatening situation and could only save yourself and one member of your family, who would it be?" I've probably spent 2 days or more thinking about this question and whipping myself with guilt if I start to settle on a name. God help me, I don't even need to think about this. What a useless and annoying question.

Question Three: How much weight do you think you could lose before the end of October? Oh dear. What an awful question. I am very committed to losing some weight, but how much and in what timeframe? I seriously have no idea. However, if I was really pushed to answer I might commit to 1kg cause I think I could achieve that ;)

Question Four: Again, asked today by Mrs McConnon - super smart and beautiful teacher. She's really messed with my head this afternoon. "Do you think Max will be OK in Prep without experience in Kindy?" While in my head I believe he will be, in my heart it feels like my kids have missed out on some great adventure because they didn't have a C+K experience. This is mad! But my maternal guilt kicked in and I drove directly to the kindy Mrs McConnon recommended and put my smart, well socialised and well adjusted darling boy's name on the waiting list. He's #12 on the wait list so chances are he'll get a run at kindy next year sometime.

I really wish I didn't overthink everything. Oh well.

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Em said...

And don't babies bring a thousand more unanswerable questions with them? :)

But you know that Max and Ruby would be fine if you moved to Alaska. Or Uluru, with or without Kindy. Because they belong to your family xxx