Saturday, September 13, 2008

Term 3 is a busy term

We received a letter from school a few weeks ago saying "Term 3 is a busy term". No kidding. It's been insane. In the last couple of weeks, Ruby has had a full schedule with
  • her first ever sports carnival. It was fabulous. Ruby threw herself into all of the activities with a sense of adventure and excitement. The day was all about fun, not competition. Everyone got stickers and cheers and rewards. It was a really positive experience for the kids. Here are some pics of our big beautiful girl in the sprint (with her friend Emily), on the obstacle course and having some rest with her good buddy Madeline.

  • the preppies have also recently visited Nazareth House (a retirement home) again. Ruby has a new buddy at Nazareth House, but can't remember her name. Her previous buddy - Vera - who she's visited a few times before, isn't there anymore. It's possible that Vera died, but of course we're not going to talk about that.
  • the big school Fete was 2 weeks ago. Ruby practiced a dance routine for weeks and weeks to perform at the Fete, but then sprained her foot pretty badly the day before and couldn't do it. I had cake stall duties from 7.30am and Mark had a massage stand from 10 - 2 at the Fete, so we didn't miss out completely. :)
  • Book Parade this week. We didn't really have enough time to be very creative with costumes, but Ruby was pretty happy to go as "Ruby the Red Fairy". She was a beautiful and very red, red fairy. She was excited that she got to lead the Book Parade at school assembly with Chelsea (her big buddy from Year 6). No photos because neither Mark nor I could go. Sadly.
  • a big all day marine adventure excursion yesterday out on a catamaran and then down to Wellington Point to an environmental centre to study marine life in Moreton Bay. Sounds like it was an incredible day. Ruby's class has been studying environmental issues of Moreton Bay all semester.

Next Wednesday the class is hosting a "Celebration of Learning" presentation where they'll show their discoveries. I'm going to that. :)

The school offers an amazing range of stimulating and engaging activities for the kids. We're really grateful for that.

peace and love


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