Thursday, December 11, 2008

A happy day. Lots to be thankful for around here.

It was my birthday yesterday. I forget how old I am now. Sadly the kids remember the number very clearly. It's a number somewhere between 0 and 100. :)

Things that I loved about my birthday:
  • It was a happy happy day. It started with a phone call from Mum before any of us were awake. And then Max (in our bed) rolling over sleepily and saying "do you know it's your birthday today?" before he even woke up properly. And then a big hug. Ruby was close behind with sleepy but intense and sincere birthday wishes.
  • Cake and chocolates were prepared before breakfast but it was decided (not by me) to save them until dinner time because someone thought 7am was too early to be peeling and scoffing white Lindor balls. *sigh*
  • I received lots of beautiful wishes yesterday from family and friends - thanks so much for thinking of me. xx
  • We tripped up to the Eumundi markets for a family day out (thanks to Mark for taking the day off work x) - it was hot and humid and we were all sweaty and stinky by lunchtime. Lurvely.
  • I had a fabulouso coffee and a stroll around Berkelouw bookshop (which I LOVE). Only bought one book for me (a stephanie Dowrick one cause I'm in *that* frame of mind). 4 for Ruby and 1 for Max.
  • We ate deliciously healthy market foods - organic vegie meals and frozen mango juice ice blocks. Yum.
  • I had a big long and high swing. I love to swing, so invigorating, wish I did it more often!
  • We came home, sat on the front verandah, drank beer and ordered Indian takeaway for tea - yum yum yum butter chicken and naan. I don't think it gets any better than that.

It was a perfect day. Here's some pics:

I was very spoiled this year. Tickets to Billy Joel (it was a seriously brilliant concert), a new tripod (hooray!), a book, a Billy Joel DVD, some cutlery that Max chose for me to take to work and more. I also got Wes' single CD! I love Wes, but I think we only played the CD about 37 times yesterday, not nearly enough really. ;)

peace and love xxxx


brazen's crafts said...

gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! and happy birthday again!

Ailsa said...

Happy Birthday lovely lady! It sounds (and looks) like it was a great day! XXX

Em said...

Huge happy birthdays to you Kath! Lots of love from us xxx