Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The theme is thanks

I stumbled across nablopomo this morning. I like it. Every month there's a theme. This month's them is 'thanks'. I love having a theme, a word, something to focus on.

I'm feeling very thankful today. I've got a good home, I'm well loved and we're pretty safe and secure in as many ways as we can be.

I'm thankful for an afternoon of pottering and dithering yesterday with Jan and Ruth.

I'm thankful for the friendship and kindness of the lovely Bernadette who makes the best coffee in Wynnum and who happily dispenses medical/relationship/parenting advice with her coffee.

I'm thankful for a week off work to get organised before Christmas.

I'm thankful for the support of good people in my local community. A quick visit to the local shops yesterday turned into more than 2 hours of chatting with people here and there.

I'm thankful as always for Ruby and Max and their generous love. Ruby came home yesterday with her little craft creations, including many, many love notes for me and her daddy. She writes about her love. Max talks about it. He gushes with love and describes his feelings beautifully.

And today, I'm also thankful to Rachel for pics like this one from a recent session:

what are you thankful for?

sending you peace and love xxxx

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