Monday, December 08, 2008

Not a preppie anymore

Ruby finished Prep last Friday. She's excited about being a Year 1 kid next year. And I'm super excited that Mrs McConnon will be her teacher again next year.

Ruby's had a big, positive and fabulous first year of school. Thank heavens! Her end of year report card is lovely:

Teacher comments:
Ruby's commitment to work and her exceptional behaviour have contributed to a very successful year. Interactions with peers are always peaceful as she has the ability to negotiate and compromise in a calm and quiet manner. Independence with learning is demonstrated when she orgaises her materials and work space efficiently and effectively without assistance. Ruby has made exceptional progress this semester with her reading and writing. Her ability to spell phonetically is very accurate and she is able to confidently read back her own writing. During handwriting tasks, Ruby is still using 2 fingers with her thumb to support the pencil. Ruby has established a very sound bank of sight words and is reading books confidently. In the area of Early Mathematical Understandings, Ruby has grasped the concepts covered this semester. Ruby has also made sound progress in the area of Active Learning Processes. This was especially evident during discussions and activities on our Bay Unit. Ruby has been a fantastic role model for her peers and it is wonderful to see the amount of effort Ruby puts into her work. Well done Ruby.

Student comments:
At school I enjoy drawing, the sandpit, collage, writing, seeing our buddies and going to Drama. My friends are Emily, Macey and Meika. This semester I have learnt how to write the right way and how to look after our Bay by not putting rubbish in drains. I have learnt about fairies and how to look after our Nazareth House buddies. My buddy has helped me with Healthy Harold activities. I need to work on writing. I am good at reading and drawing.

I love how they ask the kids for their assessment of their own progress. Beautiful. It's been a good year.

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Anita said...

Well done Ruby! That's wonderful feedback - so glad she's enjoying the year xx