Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ethel Carrick Fox and other glorious Sunday treats

There's a glorious exhibition on at the Queensland Art Gallery: Art, Love and Life - Ethel Carrick Fox and E. Phillip Fox.  Until next Sunday, you can see beauties like these.  I prefer Ethel's paintings to those of her hubby.  Her love of sunshine and use of light through flowers and foliage is joyous.

Image from QAG
Image of this magnificent painting is from QTIX

We ducked into the Gallery Cafe for afternoon tea, which looked a little bit like this and that:

Ruby and Max are kind and generous.  But they're still kids. Their tolerance is pretty low for walking around an art gallery looking at paintings that are 100+ years old. Sadly. So we made a quick visit to the Queensland Museum. It's always a hit. And with good reason.  As Ruby explained "they know kids. They know stuff kids like. They make it interesting".  

Despite the critics, I enjoyed the Gallery today. The kids enjoyed the Museum.  Win/win.

On our way back, we talked about the Louvre. Not really a fair comparison for the QAG, but they were asking for it when they installed a glass pyramid......

There were lots of peace signs being used today.  Max kinda lost the plot at the end and started doing this :O

We had a fun afternoon. Mark was madly pre-occupied doing census collection work. Shame he couldn't join us. Maybe on our next adventure.

We're enjoying this gloriously sunny, fabulous Queensland winter. 

Hope you're finding a little patch of sunshine too.

peace and love


Leanne said...

Hi Kathryn,

So good to have you back in this space. I love reading what your up to.

Leanne xx

Jo - Dusty Plum said...

Oh how funny, you really did make me snortle out loud. Is that SOL? instead of LOL? Max I love you. Lulu does the rock and roll devils horns things, I don't know why.

How gorgeous I wish I was there I would have joined you, that is the exact sort of art that I like, bit unfashionable, soft and dreamy and pretty ... my kind of escape. XX